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Mon Nov 13 11:11:10 UTC 2006

Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/74518  openoffice openoffice-1.1 build failure on 4-stable: dmake can't 
o ports/78428  openoffice stops compiling -> dmake:  Error 
f ports/79941  openoffice 1.1.4_1 binary packages (i386) brok
o ports/83252  openoffice 1.1.4 build failure: Died at ../../
o ports/86383  openoffice Can't compile
o ports/89393  openoffice can't install OpenOffice 2.0.0 from port
o ports/90184  openoffice Install of OpenOffice 2.0.0 fails
o ports/90759  openoffice cannot save ANY file with ""
o ports/92218  openoffice build fails with shlibsign core dum
o ports/94270  openoffice I cant make
o ports/98271  openoffice installing printers in editors/ fail
o ports/101919 openoffice build failure: Spinlock called when
o ports/102345 openoffice editors/ fails to build
o ports/105128 openoffice build fails

14 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/66480  openoffice editors/ port uses root's $HOME for 
o ports/86206  openoffice editors/ Unable to build OpenOffice
o ports/92737  openoffice editors/ build failure
o ports/93559  openoffice compile error
o ports/94172  openoffice editors/ needs sane symlinks
f ports/98687  openoffice ports "couldn't fetch"
o ports/98949  openoffice editors/ Build fails with 'build_in
o ports/100669 openoffice Error on building
o ports/103896 openoffice OO.o port should add <OO_DIR>/program to LD_LIBRARY_PA
o ports/105400 openoffice Misprint in port's Makefile

10 problems total.

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