PR ports/81196?

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Tue May 24 14:51:08 PDT 2005

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Nicholas Kirby <nkirby at> wrote:

> Hello,
> 	I'm just wondering who is responsible for commiting the PR ports/81196, or if 
> it's not good, who is responsible for shooting it down (or if no one is 
> really charged with the job, who would be nice enough to ;))? If it's okay, 
> I'd like it to go through, so I can do a bit more work on it (I plan on 
> requesting a couple of repocopies, adding the rest of the available 
> dictionaries, and adding thesaurus support in each language that have them (a 
> problem report already does this, but it won't patch cleanly without a small 
> change, the port was broken after the PR was submitted)).

MAINTAINER is openoffice at
and maho is de facto maintainer.
I'm very glad if you can handle this PR.

Well, I know several dico should be installed with OOo installation,
or available as option. Unfortunately I'm Japanese and I don't know
the situation how to add it. And, I'm currently interested in reducing
the # of patches req'ed to build OOo. I've just made a cws and now about
to commit patches.

So I'm busy atm, any help is extermely appreciated.
anyone here?
-- NAKATA, Maho (maho at

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