LibreOffice 7.0 call for testing

Dima Panov fluffy at
Thu Jul 16 05:17:28 UTC 2020


LibreOffice 7.0 branch is over to release candadate and office at FreeBSD team calls everyone interested to join us in testing cycle

Our WIP repository available at GitHub,, branch 7.0.0

Of course, we support ports’ OVERLAY feature by adding:


to /etc/make.conf

Poudriere users should follows next steps:

sudo poudriere ports -c -F -p portoverlay
cd ${LOCALBASE}/poudriere/ports/portsoverlay
git clone .
git checkout 7.0.0
poudriere bulk -j 121amd64 -p portstree -O portsoverlay editors/libreoffice

Or you can use pre-built packages with default options.
Take yours from

You can start the LibreOffice with x11 UI backend by setting
environment variable:


where ‘gen’ can be replaced by x11, gtk3, qt5 ,kf5, depends on selected build options to get a required vcl active

Current known issue is missed vertical and gorizontal scrollbars with gkt3 vcl.
Qt5 vcl is already locked to use cairo font renderer.

Patches and suggestions are welcome!

WBR, Dima. (Desktop, KDE, X11, Office)@FreeBSD team
(fluffy at,

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