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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/186265 office     [patch update] editors/libreoffice 4.0.6 -> 4.1.4
o ports/185614 office     editors/openoffice-4 does not configure, dbus-deps mis
o ports/185567 office     textproc/clucene: pkgconfig file is missing clucene-co
o ports/184801 office     [PATCH] devel/boost-libs: fix include path
o ports/184510 office     configure error for editors/libreoffice
o ports/184307 office     editors/openoffice-3 and www/serf mismatch
o ports/183051 office     editors/libreoffice fails on poudriere
o ports/182862 office     x11-fonts/croscorefonts-fonts-ttf : add some more font
o ports/182576 office     error to build editors/libreoffice
o ports/181614 office     editors/openoffice-4: size mismatch
o ports/181126 office     [patch] devel/boost-libs fails to build on ppc64
o ports/181044 office     Problems with devel/boost-libs
o ports/180723 office     editors/libreoffice: calc spreadsheet external data li
o ports/180616 office     german/alt-aspell: was identical to german/aspell, now
o ports/180565 office     textproc/aspell compilation error with Clang
o ports/178433 office     editors/libreoffice generates zombie processes after i
o ports/178383 office     Upgrade x11-fonts/linuxlibertine to version 5.3.0
o ports/176788 office     editors/libreoffice build failure in tail_build
o ports/176349 office     [ports] regression: devel/boost-libs 1.52.0_1 does not
o ports/176000 office     textproc/clucene: Incomplete install if WRKDIRPREFIX c
o ports/175814 office     devel/boost-all cannot use libc++
o ports/175423 office     german/hunspell does not build
o ports/175064 office     editors/libreoffice fails to compile
f ports/174753 office     change to devel/boost-libs causes adverse effects
o ports/174685 office     New version of devel/icu crashed a lot of applications
f ports/174618 office     devel/icu error: in blender, /usr/local/lib/libboost_l
o ports/174429 office     [patch] add depends to editors/openoffice-3
o ports/174212 office     editors/libreoffice: ERROR: error 65280 occurred while
o ports/173965 office     editors/libreoffice pkg_add error
o ports/173945 office     Update textproc/it-hyphen to version 2012.04.03
o ports/173943 office     Update textproc/it-hunspell to version 2012.04.03
o ports/173690 office     editors/openoffice-3 upgrade leaves symlink pointing t
f ports/173575 office     Fix devel/boost-python-libs with python-3.2
o ports/171588 office     editors/libreoffice build error
o ports/171178 office     textproc/aspell does not recognize standard filters
o ports/170760 office     textproc/hunspell: fails to detect /usr/local/include/
o ports/167641 office     editors/libreoffice:
o ports/167441 office     editors/libreoffice - Unable to print
o ports/167400 office     editors/libreoffice 3-5.2.2 version ID  - 350m 1 (Buil
o ports/167309 office     editors/libreoffice: Unable to configure printers on L
o ports/164965 office     editors/openoffice-3 fails to build in moz, nss, and c
o ports/162780 office     editors/libreoffice without GUI
o ports/154674 office     Build of editors/openoffice-3 3.0 fails
o ports/154086 office     libsicui18n.a in devel/icu constains no symbols
o ports/143949 office     editors/openoffice-3: system unzip pickiness unhelpful
a ports/127496 office     devel/icu 3.8.1_1 does not build when Danish locale is

46 problems total.

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