[Bug 240295] math(3): Add Complex Arithmetic functions and their hyperbolic counterparts

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Fri Sep 6 19:09:31 UTC 2019


--- Comment #8 from Gordon Bergling <gbergling at gmail.com> ---
Dear Steve,

I hope this was good for you, and you were able to direct all your anger, fear
and uncertainty towards this problem report.

For my perspective, I just saw at [1] that there is an unresolved issue with
FreeBSD's math(3) implementation and I thought, that this could be solved by
stepping a few steps backwards and looking at what the other BSDs have done to
overcome that issue.

The tickets I mentioned within my original ticket were open for years, and you
are about to attacking the first person, who tries to address that issues. I am
quite sure that is not the spirit what the FreeBSD project is about.



[1] https://wiki.freebsd.org/Numerics

PS: Talk to what ever medical doctor is necessary!

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