[Bug 240295] math(3): Add Complex Arithmetic functions and their hyperbolic counterparts

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Fri Sep 6 02:31:20 UTC 2019


--- Comment #6 from Steve Kargl <kargl at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Stephen Montgomery-Smith from comment #5)
> If you want to make additions to the FreeBSD math libraries, you
> really should subscribe to the numerics at freebsd.org mailing list.
> The people on that mailing list aren't necessarily the warmest
> people in the world, and may bite your head off.

Given that the list seems to be bde and myself, and bde sticks
to technical details on steroids, I suppose I should take this
as a comment.  Oh, the irony.

> But at least you will get a good sense of what is needed, and
> also how overly exacting their standards are.

Overly exacting?  If you make your living doing numerical
computations and you use libm, don't you want the functions
in that library to give you high quality results?

BTW, if you look at the patch, the long double complex functions
will have at least 2**11 ULP error on i686-class hardware (i.e., 
that last 4 to 6 decimal digits are likely wrong).  See the ld80
routines that use LD80C to set constants and ENTERI and RETURNI
to toggle the FPU precision.

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