[Bug 240295] math(3): Add Complex Arithmetic functions and their hyperbolic counterparts

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Sigh.  Here we go again.

>From src/lib/msun/src/math_private.h

 * The C99 standard intends x+I*y to be used for this, but x+I*y is
 * currently unusable in general since gcc introduces many overflow,
 * underflow, sign and efficiency bugs by rewriting I*y as
 * (0.0+I)*(y+0.0*I) and laboriously computing the full complex product.
 * In particular, I*Inf is corrupted to NaN+I*Inf, and I*-0 is corrupted
 * to -0.0+I*0.0.

>From the llvm bug database


Some of the code in the patch uses I.

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