signed overflow in atan2

Eitan Adler lists at
Tue Feb 13 06:25:31 UTC 2018


`atan2(y, x)`'s special case for `x == 1.0` (in which case the result
must be `atan(y)`) is unnecessarily complicated #130

As a component of atan2(y, x), the case of x == 1.0 is farmed out to
atan(y). The current implementation of this comparison is vulnerable
to signed integer underflow (that is, undefined behavior), and it's
performed in a somewhat more complicated way than it need be. Change
it to not be quite so cute, rather directly comparing the high/low
bits of x to the specific IEEE-754 bit pattern that encodes 1.0.

Note that while there are three different e_atan* files in the
relevant directory, only this one needs fixing. e_atan2f.c already
compares against the full bit pattern encoding 1.0f, while
e_atan2l.cuses bitwise-ands/ors/nots and so doesn't require a change.

(I ran into this in Mozilla's SpiderMonkey embedding of fdlibm, where
a test of the behavior of Math.atan2(1, -0) triggered clang's
signed-overflow-sanitizer runtime error.)



((iy|((ly|-ly)>>31))>0x7ff00000)) /* x or y is NaN */
return x+y;
- if((hx-0x3ff00000|lx)==0) return atan(y); /* x=1.0 */
+ if(hx==0x3ff00000&&lx==0) return atan(y); /* x=1.0 */
m = ((hy>>31)&1)|((hx>>30)&2); /* 2*sign(x)+sign(y) */
/* when y = 0 */


Is this correct? Any objections to be committing ?

Eitan Adler

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