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Tue Feb 14 06:03:22 UTC 2017

On Tue, 14 Feb 2017 16:37:12 +1100
Peter Jeremy <peter at> wrote:

> On 2017-Feb-13 09:10:51 -0700, Alan Braslau
> <alan.braslau at> wrote:
> >What is the current status of getting cpow() implemented in FreeBSD?
> There's a WIP in
> but I got caught up trying to work out how to perfectly multiply
> two doubles and am not currently working on it.
> I wonder if we should implement something like
> double cpow(double x, double y)
> {
> 	return cexp(y * clog(x));
> }
> just to have something to resolve symbols.


I do not know anything about the issues behind this.

In compiling luatex (that now includes luaffi), we ran into problems on
FreeBSD, although none on OpenBSD, MacOS or linux. It should not matter
how cpow() is implemented (for us at least), and the above suggestion to
resolve symbols would work. I do not believe that we make any use of
this call, but it is there, part of luaffi. In fact, our present
solution is to throw-out *all* of complex.h, as has to be done for
Windows (how embarrassing).

Thank you for your rapid response and please let me know what, if
anything, you all decide.


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