Complex arg-trig functions

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Mon Jul 30 22:56:31 UTC 2012

I will be posting my updates on this web page:

The file catrig.c contains implementations of cacos(h), casin(h), 
catan(h).  I have been working on it everyday - I seem unable to put it 

I have now tested the following values for x and y:
1. Random values normally distributed N(0,1)
2. Random values e^X where X is uniformly distributed on [-300,300]
3. Random values 1+e^x or -1+e^x where X is uniformly distributed on 
4. Combinations from (2) and (3).

The worst case errors seem to be below 4 ULP.

It passes Peter Jeremy's program 
for checking edge cases like inf, nan, -0 etc.

I am looking for suggestions:

1.  For the implementations - improvements to the program to make it 
more accurate.
2.  Other ranges of values to test for.
3.  And yes, I am now ready at accept changes to the writing style.

Thanks, Stephen

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