icmp v4 redirect timeout

Victor Gamov vit at otcnet.ru
Tue Oct 22 14:30:36 UTC 2019

Hi All

I discover the following problem: FreeBSD host install route recived by 
ICMP-redirect from default GW and this route is permanents.

In my case FreeBSD has as default gateway. 
This network has interconnection with remote network via 
some other gateways -- + for example.  All 
gateways  using OSPF to exchange routing info. send packet destined to remote network ( to 
default gateway, receive ICMP-redirect and install route 
to via  Then off for some 
reason but never know about it because route installed via is permanent.

I see net.inet6.icmp6.redirtimeout in my FreeBSD 11.2-STABLE #0 r339734 
and I think this sysctl set timeout for routes installed via 
ICMP-redirects (route deletes after this timeout?).

Is it possible to get such sysctl for ipv4 ?


Victor Gamov

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