[Bug 242784] arp: segfault on service netif restart

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Tue Dec 31 18:58:24 UTC 2019


--- Comment #6 from corvid at openmailbox.org ---
It gets into print_entry(), and there’s a loop with careless errors
in the loop condition:

        for (p = ifnameindex; p && ifnameindex->if_index &&
            ifnameindex->if_name; p++) {
                if (p->if_index == sdl->sdl_index) {
                        xo_emit(" on {:interface/%s}", p->if_name);

sdl->sdl_index is 3, and the list of interfaces has indices
1, 2, 4, 0, some big randomish number, etc. So p just keeps running
along until it happens to detect a 3 or segfault.

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