ipfilter nat rewrite

Artem Viklenko artem at viklenko.net
Mon Dec 23 16:48:05 UTC 2019

Hi, All!

Sorry if this list is wrong place for questions about IPFilter (didn't found
more appropriate freebsd mailling list and one mentioned in some docs seems to 
be dead).
But maybe someone can answer it or point in right direction.

I need to rewrite source and destination IPs on packet sent via ipsec interface.
Ipnat part is ok. But after rewrite packet I need the route entry for rewrited
destination IP to point to desired ipsec interface. Without this route entry
packet goes via default route.

Is there any way using ipfilter to force packet to be sent via desired interface?

Or I need to combine ipnat with some other firewall like pf (route-to)
or ipfw (fwd)?

Thanks in advance!


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