IPSec transport mode, mtu, fragmentation...

Eugene Grosbein eugen at grosbein.net
Mon Dec 23 12:12:43 UTC 2019

23.12.2019 19:00, Andrey V. Elsukov wrote:

> I think the silence from ping is due to IPsec works asynchronously.
> I.e. when application sends data to the stack, it receives good feedback
> and thinks that data was send successful then it waits for reply.
> But IPsec consumes the data and then encrypted data will be send from
> crypto thread via callback. And now they can not be fragmented due to
> IP_DF bit, but there are no app waiting for this error code.
> Similar problem is with TCP. Probably we can try to send PRC_MSGSIZE
> notify when EMSGSIZE is returned from ip_output(). At least for TCP.

What is "an application" in this case? Userland app dealing with sockets?
Another part of the kernel? Some system daemon similar to natd?

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