igb interface not detecting link down

Marius Halden marius.h at lden.org
Tue Dec 17 07:33:51 UTC 2019


We have som machines with Intel i350 NICs which after upgrading from 
11.2-RELEASE to 12.1-RELEASE has started to act up. They will detect 
link and come up initially when brought up, but they will not detect 
link down events when the connection is lost, e.g. if we remove the 
network cable.

This is a big problem for us as they are used in a failover lagg which 
is currently not working due to this.

`ifconfig <if> down ; ifconfig <if> up` does not have any effect. I 
cannot see anything in dmesg or any other logs.

Removing the interfaces from lagg interface does not make any changes to 
this behaviour, nor did disabling `vlanhwtag` which I found a bug report 
for issues with when using these NICs.

Is this a known regression from 11.X? Any advise for how to debug this 

Marius Halden

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