state of packet forwarding in FreeBSD?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Wed Jun 14 15:37:58 UTC 2017

On 6/14/2017 10:48 AM, John Jasen wrote:
> Our goal was to test whether or not FreeBSD currently is viable, as the
> operating system platform for high speed routers and firewalls, in the
> 40 to 100 GbE range.
> In our investigations, we tested 10.3, 11.0/-STABLE, -CURRENT, and a USB
> stick from BSDRP using the FreeBSD routing improvements project
> enhancements (
Hi John,
	I am interested in your findings / test setups.  I have a couple of
boxes in the field running r317611 (around April 30) and r316678 (April
4) and found that r316678 does a higher PPS with zero drops and r317611
does less work, but will get random overruns on
dev.cxl.0.stats.rx_ovflow0 and dev.cxl.0.stats.rx_trunc0.  Same
hardware, same cxl cards, both running frr as the routing daemon. Whats
odd is that the errors are not anywhere peak load. Sometimes in the
middle of the night when traffic is much lower.  The missed packets dont
seem to correlate to load-- that I can see anyways based on utilization
graphs.  When you were doing your tests, did you measure peak as what
the box could forward without dropping packets or dropping some ?


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