NETGRAPH's ng_cisco and IPv6 support

Julian Elischer julian at
Mon Feb 27 16:00:33 UTC 2017

On 24/2/17 3:03 am, Łukasz Wójcik wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've recently started to develop certain driver that uses 'ng_cisco' 
> netgraph module for CHDLC en-/de-capsulation.
> When it connects with ng_cisco node via 'inet' hook, everything 
> works fine, but there is an issue when trying to
> use 'inet6' node. cisco_notify() routine only sends flow control 
> messages to nodes connected via 'inet' hook,
> completely ignoring those connected via 'inet6'. This poses some 
> problem if peer node relies on link status information
> passed from ng_cisco. I'd therefore like to suggest/discuss a patch 
> (attached to this email). All it does is to make ng_cisco node
> pass flow control messages to *both* 'inet' and 'inet6' peers. It 
> seems to me that it is both possible and sensible to
> expect both mentioned hooks to be connected at the same time.
> I would appreciate any feedback.

ipv6 was still a "some time in the future" thing when I wrote the 
ng_cisco node (or did archie do that one.?)
I'm pretty sire someone who knows IPv6 needs to go through the entire 
suite with a broom.

> Best regards,
> -ŁW
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