Calling ATM NIC users: en(4), fatm(4), hatm(4), patm(4)

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Tue Feb 21 19:53:31 UTC 2017

Thanks, I've forwarded a copy to the list, but given that there were zero
non-spam messages in 2016, only three legitimate messages (that no one
answered) in 2015, and zero in 2014, 2013, and 2012, I think it's safe
to say there are no users.

-- Brooks

On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 12:38:21PM +0000, Hartmut.Brandt at wrote:
> Hi,
> there is a freebsd-atm mailing list (at least there used to be). Should have been sent there too.
> On the topic: I'd say: remove it. As the one who wrote/refactored much of that stuff I get approximately one support request per year. The problem is, that I can't really help, since while I have all of that equipment still available, I don't have any time to do anything with it. So the entire ATM stack is basically unsupported.
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> Subject: Calling ATM NIC users: en(4), fatm(4), hatm(4), patm(4)
> Our current ATM stack supports a small number of NICs that were current in the late 90s[0].  None of them have been manufactured in a long time and while you can buy hatm(4) devices on e-bay, it's increasingly difficult to find a motherboard that will accept them.
> I'd like to propose removing support for these NICs along with the remaining ATM stack in FreeBSD 12.  This will give any existing users a supported OS until at least September 30, 2021 per our published EOL date for FreeBSD 11.
> Would removal on this schedule cause you realistic hardship?  If so, please let us know.
> -- Brooks
> [0] 1997 press release for the most advanced ATM NIC we support
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