[Bug 213257] Crash in IGB driver with ALTQ

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Tue Feb 21 16:18:18 UTC 2017


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(In reply to Kenneth D. Merry from comment #19)
I hear you about the downtime.  My gateway router only has igb(4) interfaces,
so I must use ALTQ on the external one.  Although I don't need ALTQ on the
internal interface, choking it with ALTQ keeps the system stable even with
IGB_LEGACY_TX turned on.

My original goal when reporting bug #208409 was to resolve the discrepancy
between the documented list of interfaces that support ALTQ and the actual OS
behavior which reports ALTQ is not supported on igb(4) in the default
configuration.  Since ALTQ does work with igb(4) as the documentation states, I
suggest we expose an additional kernel config option that will allow it to be
enabled separately from ALTQ as a whole, and eliminating the need to modify the
kernel source code.  Along with a small note in the man page for altq(4), this
would resolve the original problem.

For example, an option like this:

options    ALTQ_IGB    # Enable ALTQ on igb devices

Unlike exposing IGB_LEGACY_TX, this would be implementation-neutral, and
eliminate any future confusion over its intent.  And when the bugs in the igb
driver are fixed, it could be easily removed again.

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