Duplicate MAC addresses in VNET epair interaces

Giulio Ferro auryn at zirakzigil.org
Tue Feb 14 13:13:56 UTC 2017

On 14/02/2017 13:51, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:
> ifconfig epair0b ether ether 02:ff:e0:00:00:0b
>> ifconfig: can't set link-level netmask or broadcast
> Two “ether”s there but I assume that’s a copy and paste issue?

No, it's just me being stupid and careless... ;)

Ok, it works great both in the jail and in the host.
I've put the ether address in the /etc/start_if.epairxx files, as I 
think it should be supposed to be.

Thanks a lot for your support!


>> I've tried manually, in the rc.conf file 
>> (ifconfig_epair0b="ether..."), and in the /etc/start_if.epair0b file,
>> but neither of these three ways actually work to set the mac address 
>> of the epair interface within the jail.
>> On the other hand, no problem setting the mac of epair in the host...
> And that’s what you should do.  Despite epairs being virtual 
> interfaces, think of them as hardware that you are only “loaning” to 
> the vnet-jail but don’t want the jail to mess with all the hw settings.
> And you probably want to change the ether addresses on both ends anyway.
> /bz
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