VNET/epair double MAC address

Herbert J. Skuhra herbert at
Sun Feb 12 16:28:31 UTC 2017

Marlon Leerkotte skrev:
> Hi everyone,
> I have been using jails with VNET since about 10.1 or 10 and have so
> far not encountered any huge problems except for accidentally giving
> two jails the same epair which broke my stack. But today I did
> encounter a problem.
> The problem i encountered was where one of my jails would lose all
> connectivity when starting another jail, after some investigation it
> turned out that both jails had the same MAC address. I’m not aware
> of how these MAC addresses are generated but this seems to be a bug,
> as I’m not manually assigning MAC address.
> In the attachments you will find my jail.conf and the ifconfig
> output of both jails.  I hope someone can help me with this and/or
> give me some insight as to how the addresses are generated.



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