Multiple MAC addresses on a single interface

Alex Dupre ale at
Wed Feb 8 20:11:05 UTC 2017

Alan Somers wrote:
> It sounds like overkill, but if you put each PPPoE client in a
> separate VIMAGE jail, then each one will get a separate vnet
> interface, with distinct MACs.  They can be bridged to the same
> physical interface.

Yes, it seems a bit overkill. I've tried a few other configurations like
changing the mac address of the vlan interface and enabling promiscuous
mode on the ether interface, without success.
Could I get a different result by using the setenaddr/setautosrc control
capabilities of the ng_ether node associated to the vlan interface (and
enabling the promiscuous mode on the ether/vlan interfaces)?

Alex Dupre

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