[Bug 216744] [feature request] set DSCP on neighbor solicitation

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Mon Feb 6 21:37:41 UTC 2017


--- Comment #3 from Hiroki Sato <hrs at FreeBSD.org> ---
I think it is not a bad idea to implement a configuration knob of DSCP value of
ND messages while it is possible to set one via a packet filter as ae@
explains.  RFC 4594 recommends to set CS6 for network control traffic.  I was
not aware of Cisco's but it seems it uses CS7 according to the original report.
 I do not think this causes an interoperability issue.

One question: does anyone know (or have access to) routers other than Cisco's
which set non-zero DSCP value and what value is actually set?  While CS7 is a
reasonable option, I want to know how popular such an implementation is before
going ahead.

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