NFS on 10G interface terribly slow

Carsten Aulbert Carsten.Aulbert at
Mon Jun 29 13:09:04 UTC 2015

Hi Rick

On 06/29/2015 02:20 PM, Rick Macklem wrote:
> If the Solaris server is using ZFS, setting sync=disabled might help w.r.t.
> write performance. It is, however, somewhat dangerous w.r.t. loss of recently
> written data when the server crashes. (Server has told client data is safely
> on stable storage so client will not re-write the block(s) although data wasn't
> on stable storage and is lost.)
> (I'm not a ZFS guy, so I can't suggest more w.r.t. ZFS.)

The system on the other side uses SAM/QFS, i.e. there is no such option
for the file system per se (only the file system metadata is in a zvol
thus not a full featured zfs).

In parallel we are working also with Oracle to see where there may be a
matching knob to turn as we see about the same performance issues from a
Linux host (NFS client, Debian Jessie) with a Mellanox Technologies
MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3] controller.



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