Intel XL710 40GE NIC, i40 driver and wire speed performance with netmap

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at
Sun Jun 28 11:19:38 UTC 2015

Those 42mpps are probably close to the best you can get, take or leave a
few MPPs. I do not know of any pcie nic that can do 40g at 64byte frames.
On freebsd, Chelsio with netmap is in the 40-45mpps range too, and from
what I can tell those are HW limited, not CPU bound numbers. I40e with
netmap is between 32 and 36 mpps on TX (did not bother to optimize it), 28
mpps on RX, and surely I won't be able to beat dpdk which is highly
optimized for the CPU and nic.


On Sunday, June 28, 2015, Pavel Odintsov <pavel.odintsov at> wrote:

> Hello, folks!
> I'm looking for solution which could do wire speed (56 mpps with
> 64byte packets) for 40GE.
> We have tested PF_RING/DPDK on Linux and could not achieve more than
> ~42 mpps and it's not enough for us.
> Could anybody share experience regarding performance estimations with
> netmap and this NIC on best-ever-and-ever FreeBSD?
> Thank you!
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> Sincerely yours, Pavel Odintsov
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