oce(4) promiscous mode bug(?)

elof2 at sentor.se elof2 at sentor.se
Wed Jun 17 15:04:59 UTC 2015

It sounds like a promisc bug in the driver, just as you say, but just to 
test it some more:

I see that you are running both in PPROMISC and PROMISC.

What happen if you remove the PPROMISC and only let tcpdump set it's own

Running in monitor mode is the correct way to sniff traffic. But just to 
rule out errors in the oce driver, what happen if you do not run in 
monitor mode?

Do 'netstat -in' show the same input errors as your sysctl counter?

(I assume you're running tcpdump with no bpf filter at all)

What do a couple of 'netstat -B' say while tcpdump is running?


On Wed, 17 Jun 2015, Sergey Akhmatov wrote:

> Tried disabling all offloadings available, doesn't help.
>> Sorry, in that case I don't know what it might be.
>> Have you tried disabling "adapter intelligence"? rxcsum, txcsum, lro, etc?
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