[Bug 200379] SCTP stack is not FIB aware

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Wed Jun 17 13:16:43 UTC 2015


--- Comment #14 from Michael Tuexen <tuexen at freebsd.org> ---
(In reply to Alan Somers from comment #13)
I think interfaces can assign fibs to packets, it is a field in the mbuf packet
header. It makes sense to use this information in case you have no socket to
get the fib from (for example when receiving a TCP SYN and you have no
listening socket).

An SCTP end-point can have multiple IP addresses. When using multihoming you
use multiple local and remote IP-addresses to provide network fault tolerant.
So you use multiple local interfaces and route traffic on all of them to be
able to fail over in case of network problems. Of course you can setup this in
a single routing table and have a socket in a single fib. I'm tending to
implement it this way. This also means that for response packets (like acks for
data) use the socket's fib, not the one from the incoming packet. At least this
is conceptually simpler. Codewise it doesn't make much of a difference.

Thanks for your feedback.

Best regards

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