setting if_hw_tsomax{segcount, segsize} in net drivers

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Mon Jun 8 22:45:44 UTC 2015


I just looked at stable/10 and found the following 4 drivers have
set the if_hw_tsomax, if_hw_tsomaxsegcount and if_hw_tsomaxsegsize


If you are the author/maintainer for a network device driver that does
TSO and is not on the above list...please, please fill in the above
fields before the call to ether_ifattach(), so that TSO will hopefully
work correctly with NFS/iSCSI. (I said "hopefully" because there might
be other bugs related to TSO in your driver that I wouldn't know about.)

Maybe someone could mention this at BSDCan too?

Thanks in advance for doing this, rick
ps: I would be really nice to get this done for 10.2 imho.

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