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Eygene Ryabinkin rea at freebsd.org
Tue May 27 14:48:14 UTC 2014

Tue, May 27, 2014 at 10:12:40PM +0800, Niu Zhixiong wrote:
> I want to modify the source code of TFTP. However it is invoked by
> inetd. I really need a standalone service of TFTP without inetd.

Why?  Inetd provides network pipe and connection initiation for
TFTP daemon and then it acts on the "cooked" socket for the port 69,
but does the rest of communication by itself, including opening
data connection back to the client.

> But, when a start tftpd without inetd. it says recvfrom: Socket
> operation on non-socket.

Because tftp daemon expects its standard input and output to be
network sockets.

> Could someone give me some suggestion to start tftpd without inetd?

FreeBSD stock TFTP daemon doesn't support this.  You may probably
look at the ports collection (/usr/ports/net) and software with
tftp in its name: there are at least 3 packages that look like
TFTP daemon.  But first I'd reconsider the need to drop inetd
from the game.  Or, if you're up to some coding, you can extend
our base tftp daemon with stand-alone capabilities.
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