MPD5 PPTP and L2TP server problem with FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE-p1

Florian Smeets flo at
Sat Nov 16 22:13:51 UTC 2013

On 16/11/13 22:48, Dr. Rolf Jansen wrote:
> Hello!
> Now, the server behaves strange after a PPTP or a L2TP/IPsec-VPN
> connection had been established. The VPN client can access resources
> on the server, but not in the LAN and WAN, as it could on 9.1. Even
> more bugging is, that LAN clients cannot access the internet anymore,
> once a VPN connection was made, and the problem persists even after
> the VPN was disconnected, and persists after the mpd5 and racoon were
> killed, and any dangling SA and SPD had been flushed. netstat -nr and
> sockstat -4 show nothing strange. For getting back WAN connectivity
> for LAN clients, I need to restart the server.

Do you set net.inet.ip.forwarding in /etc/sysctl.conf? Try setting
gateway_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf. This is caused by some changes in
the rc system and the scripts it calls on interface creation. This bit
me too.

It looks like directly setting net.inet.ip.forwarding in sysctl.conf has
never been officially supported. Though the last time I used
gateway_enable was probably in the 4.X days, and setting it in
sysctl.conf has always worked for me, until now :)


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