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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/183732  net        [igb] igb interface output byte counter double real ou
o bin/183687   net        [patch] route(8): route add -net 172.20 add wrong host
o kern/183659  net        [tcp] ]TCP stack lock contention with short-lived conn
o conf/183407  net        [rc.d] [patch] Routing restart returns non-zero exitco
o kern/183391  net        [oce] 10gigabit networking problems with Emulex OCE 11
o kern/183390  net        [ixgbe] 10gigabit networking problems
o kern/182917  net        [igb] strange out traffic with igb interfaces
o kern/182847  net        [netinet6] [patch] Remove dead code
o kern/182665  net        [wlan] Kernel panic when creating second wlandev.
o kern/182382  net        [tcp] sysctl to set TCP CC method on BIG ENDIAN system
o kern/182297  net        [cm] ArcNet driver fails to detect the link address - 
o kern/182212  net        [patch] [ng_mppc] ng_mppc(4) blocks on network errors 
o kern/181970  net        [re] LAN Realtek® 8111G is not supported by re driver
o kern/181931  net        [vlan] [lagg] vlan over lagg over mlxen crashes the ke
o kern/181823  net        [ip6] [patch] make ipv6 mroute return same errror code
o kern/181741  net        [kernel] [patch] Packet loss when 'control' messages a
o kern/181703  net        [re] [patch] Fix Realtek 8111G Ethernet controller not
o kern/181657  net        [bpf] [patch] BPF_COP/BPF_COPX instruction reservation
o kern/181257  net        [bge] bge link status change
o kern/181236  net        [igb] igb driver unstable work
o kern/181225  net        [infiniband] [patch] unloading ipoib crashes the kerne
o kern/181135  net        [netmap] [patch] sys/dev/netmap patch for Linux compat
o kern/181131  net        [netmap] [patch] sys/dev/netmap memory allocation impr
o kern/181006  net        [run] [patch] mbuf leak in run(4) driver
o kern/180893  net        [if_ethersubr] [patch] Packets received with own LLADD
o kern/180844  net        [panic] [re] Intermittent panic (re driver?)
o kern/180775  net        [bxe] if_bxe driver broken with Broadcom BCM57711 card
o kern/180722  net        [bluetooth] bluetooth takes 30-50 attempts to pair to 
s kern/180468  net        [request] LOCAL_PEERCRED support for PF_INET
o kern/180065  net        [netinet6] [patch] Multicast loopback to own host brok
o kern/179926  net        [lacp] [patch] active aggregator selection bug
o kern/179824  net        [ixgbe] System (9.1-p4) hangs on heavy ixgbe network t
o kern/179733  net        [lagg] [patch] interface loses capabilities when proto
o kern/179429  net        [tap] STP enabled tap bridge
o kern/179299  net        [igb] Intel X540-T2 - unstable driver
a kern/179264  net        [vimage] [pf] Core dump with Packet filter and VIMAGE 
o kern/178947  net        [arp] arp rejecting not working
o kern/178782  net        [ixgbe] 82599EB SFP does not work with passthrough und
o kern/178612  net        [run] kernel panic due the problems with run driver
o kern/178472  net        [ip6] [patch] make return code consistent with IPv4 co
o kern/178079  net        [tcp] Switching TCP CC algorithm panics on sparc64 wit
s kern/178071  net        FreeBSD unable to recongize Kontron (Industrial Comput
o kern/177905  net        [xl] [panic] ifmedia_set when pluging CardBus LAN card
o kern/177618  net        [bridge] Problem with bridge firewall with trunk ports
o kern/177417  net        [ip6] Invalid protocol value in ipsec6_common_input_cb
o kern/177402  net        [igb] [pf] problem with ethernet driver igb + pf / alt
o kern/177400  net        [jme] JMC25x 1000baseT establishment issues
o kern/177366  net        [ieee80211] negative malloc(9) statistics for 80211nod
f kern/177362  net        [netinet] [patch] Wrong control used to return TOS
o kern/177194  net        [netgraph] Unnamed netgraph nodes for vlan interfaces
o kern/177184  net        [bge] [patch] enable wake on lan
o kern/177139  net        [igb] igb drops ethernet ports 2 and 3
o kern/176884  net        [re] re0 flapping up/down
o kern/176671  net        [epair] MAC address for epair device not unique
o kern/176484  net        [ipsec] [enc] [patch] panic: IPsec + enc(4); device na
o kern/176446  net        [netinet] [patch] Concurrency in ixgbe driving out-of-
o kern/176420  net        [kernel] [patch] incorrect errno for LOCAL_PEERCRED
o kern/176419  net        [kernel] [patch] socketpair support for LOCAL_PEERCRED
o kern/176401  net        [netgraph] page fault  in netgraph
o kern/176167  net        [ipsec][lagg] using lagg and ipsec causes immediate pa
o kern/176027  net        [em] [patch] flow control systcl consistency for em dr
o kern/176026  net        [tcp] [patch] TCP wrappers caused quite a lot of warni
o kern/175864  net        [re] Intel MB D510MO, onboard ethernet not working aft
o kern/175852  net        [amd64] [patch] in_cksum_hdr() behaves differently on 
o kern/175734  net        no ethernet detected on system with EG20T PCH chipset 
o kern/175267  net        [pf] [tap] pf + tap keep state problem
o kern/175236  net        [epair] [gif] epair and gif Devices On Bridge
o kern/175182  net        [panic] kernel panic on RADIX_MPATH when deleting rout
o kern/175153  net        [tcp] will there miss a FIN when do TSO?
o kern/174959  net        [net] [patch] rnh_walktree_from visits spurious nodes
o kern/174958  net        [net] [patch] rnh_walktree_from makes unreasonable ass
o kern/174897  net        [route] Interface routes are broken
o kern/174851  net        [bxe] [patch] UDP checksum offload is wrong in bxe dri
o kern/174850  net        [bxe] [patch] bxe driver does not receive multicasts
o kern/174849  net        [bxe] [patch] bxe driver can hang kernel when reset
o kern/174822  net        [tcp] Page fault in tcp_discardcb under high traffic
o kern/174602  net        [gif] [ipsec] traceroute issue on gif tunnel with ipse
o kern/174535  net        [tcp] TCP fast retransmit feature works strange
o kern/173871  net        [gif] process of 'ifconfig gif0 create hangs' when if_
o kern/173475  net        [tun] tun(4) stays opened by PID after process is term
o kern/173201  net        [ixgbe] [patch] Missing / broken ixgbe sysctl's and tu
o kern/173137  net        [em] em(4) unable to run at gigabit with 9.1-RC2
o kern/173002  net        [patch] data type size problem in if_spppsubr.c
o kern/172895  net        [ixgb] [ixgbe] do not properly determine link-state
o kern/172683  net        [ip6] Duplicate IPv6 Link Local Addresses
o kern/172675  net        [netinet] [patch] sysctl_tcp_hc_list (net.inet.tcp.hos
p kern/172113  net        [panic] [e1000] [patch] 9.1-RC1/amd64 panices in igb(4
o kern/171840  net        [ip6] IPv6 packets transmitting only on queue 0
o kern/171739  net        [bce] [panic] bce related kernel panic
o kern/171711  net        [dummynet] [panic] Kernel panic in dummynet
o kern/171532  net        [ndis] ndis(4) driver includes 'pccard'-specific code,
o kern/171531  net        [ndis] undocumented dependency for ndis(4)
o kern/171524  net        [ipmi] ipmi driver crashes kernel by reboot or shutdow
s kern/171508  net        [epair] [request] Add the ability to name epair device
o kern/171228  net        [re] [patch] if_re - eeprom write issues
o kern/170701  net        [ppp] killl ppp or reboot with active ppp connection c
o kern/170267  net        [ixgbe] IXGBE_LE32_TO_CPUS is probably an unintentiona
o kern/170081  net        [fxp] pf/nat/jails not working if checksum offloading 
o kern/169898  net        ifconfig(8) fails to set MTU on multiple interfaces.
o kern/169676  net        [bge] [hang] system hangs, fully or partially after re
o kern/169620  net        [ng] [pf] ng_l2tp incoming packet bypass pf firewall
o kern/169459  net        [ppp] umodem/ppp/3g stopped working after update from 
o kern/169438  net        [ipsec] ipv4-in-ipv6 tunnel mode IPsec does not work
p kern/168294  net        [ixgbe] [patch] ixgbe driver compiled in kernel has no
o kern/168246  net        [em] Multiple em(4) not working with qemu
o kern/168245  net        [arp] [regression] Permanent ARP entry not deleted on 
o kern/168244  net        [arp] [regression] Unable to manually remove permanent
o kern/168183  net        [bce] bce driver hang system
o kern/167603  net        [ip] IP fragment reassembly's broken: file transfer ov
o kern/167500  net        [em] [panic] Kernel panics in em driver
o kern/167325  net        [netinet] [patch] sosend sometimes return EINVAL with 
o kern/167202  net        [igmp]: Sending multiple IGMP packets crashes kernel
o kern/166462  net        [gre] gre(4) when using a tunnel source address from c
o kern/166285  net        [arp] FreeBSD v8.1 REL p8 arp: unknown hardware addres
o kern/166255  net        [net] [patch] It should be possible to disable "promis
p kern/165903  net        mbuf leak
o kern/165622  net        [ndis][panic][patch] Unregistered use of FPU in kernel
s kern/165562  net        [request] add support for Intel i350 in FreeBSD 7.4
o kern/165526  net        [bxe] UDP packets checksum calculation whithin if_bxe 
o kern/165488  net        [ppp] [panic] Fatal trap 12 jails and ppp , kernel wit
o kern/165305  net        [ip6] [request] Feature parity between IP_TOS and IPV6
o kern/165296  net        [vlan] [patch] Fix EVL_APPLY_VLID, update EVL_APPLY_PR
o kern/165181  net        [igb] igb freezes after about 2 weeks of uptime
o kern/165174  net        [patch] [tap] allow tap(4) to keep its address on clos
o kern/165152  net        [ip6] Does not work through the issue of ipv6 addresse
o kern/164495  net        [igb] connect double head igb to switch cause system t
o kern/164490  net        [pfil] Incorrect IP checksum on pfil pass from ip_outp
o kern/164475  net        [gre] gre misses RUNNING flag after a reboot
o kern/164265  net        [netinet] [patch] tcp_lro_rx computes wrong checksum i
o kern/163903  net        [igb] "igb0:tx(0)","bpf interface lock" v2.2.5 9-STABL
o kern/163481  net        freebsd do not add itself to ping route packet
o kern/162927  net        [tun] Modem-PPP error ppp[1538]: tun0: Phase: Clearing
o kern/162558  net        [dummynet] [panic] seldom dummynet panics
o kern/162153  net        [em] intel em driver 7.2.4 don't compile
o kern/162110  net        [igb] [panic] RELENG_9 panics on boot in IGB driver - 
o kern/162028  net        [ixgbe] [patch] misplaced #endif in ixgbe.c
o kern/161277  net        [em] [patch] BMC cannot receive IPMI traffic after loa
o kern/160873  net        [igb] igb(4) from HEAD fails to build on 7-STABLE
o kern/160750  net        Intel PRO/1000 connection breaks under load until rebo
o kern/160693  net        [gif] [em] Multicast packet are not passed from GIF0 t
o kern/160293  net        [ieee80211] ppanic] kernel panic during network setup 
o kern/160206  net        [gif] gifX stops working after a while (IPv6 tunnel)
o kern/159817  net        [udp] write UDPv4: No buffer space available (code=55)
o kern/159629  net        [ipsec] [panic] kernel panic with IPsec in transport m
o kern/159621  net        [tcp] [panic] panic: soabort: so_count
o kern/159603  net        [netinet] [patch] in_ifscrubprefix() - network route c
o kern/159601  net        [netinet] [patch] in_scrubprefix() - loopback route re
o kern/159294  net        [em] em watchdog timeouts
o kern/159203  net        [wpi] Intel 3945ABG Wireless LAN not support IBSS
o kern/158930  net        [bpf] BPF element leak in ifp->bpf_if->bif_dlist
o kern/158726  net        [ip6] [patch] ICMPv6 Router Announcement flooding limi
o kern/158694  net        [ix] [lagg] ix0 is not working within lagg(4)
o kern/158665  net        [ip6] [panic] kernel pagefault in in6_setscope()
o kern/158635  net        [em] TSO breaks BPF packet captures with em driver
f kern/157802  net        [dummynet] [panic] kernel panic in dummynet
o kern/157785  net        amd64 + jail + ipfw + natd = very slow outbound traffi
o kern/157418  net        [em] em driver lockup during boot on Supermicro X9SCM-
o kern/157410  net        [ip6] IPv6 Router Advertisements Cause Excessive CPU U
o kern/157287  net        [re] [panic] INVARIANTS panic (Memory modified after f
o kern/157200  net        [network.subr] [patch] stf(4) can not communicate betw
o kern/157182  net        [lagg] lagg interface not working together with epair 
o kern/156877  net        [dummynet] [panic] dummynet move_pkt() null ptr derefe
o kern/156667  net        [em] em0 fails to init on CURRENT after March 17
o kern/156408  net        [vlan] Routing failure when using VLANs vs. Physical e
o kern/156328  net        [icmp]: host can ping other subnet but no have IP from
o kern/156317  net        [ip6] Wrong order of IPv6 NS DAD/MLD Report
o kern/156283  net        [ip6] [patch] nd6_ns_input - rtalloc_mpath does not re
o kern/156279  net        [if_bridge][divert][ipfw] unable to correctly re-injec
o kern/156226  net        [lagg]: failover does not announce the failover to swi
o kern/156030  net        [ip6] [panic] Crash in nd6_dad_start() due to null ptr
o kern/155680  net        [multicast] problems with multicast
s kern/155642  net        [new driver] [request] Add driver for Realtek RTL8191S
o kern/155597  net        [panic] Kernel panics with "sbdrop" message
o kern/155420  net        [vlan] adding vlan break existent vlan
o kern/155177  net        [route] [panic] Panic when inject routes in kernel
o kern/155010  net        [msk] ntfs-3g via iscsi using msk driver cause kernel 
o kern/154943  net        [gif] ifconfig gifX create on existing gifX clears IP
s kern/154851  net        [new driver] [request]: Port brcm80211 driver from Lin
o kern/154850  net        [netgraph] [patch] ng_ether fails to name nodes when t
o kern/154679  net        [em] Fatal trap 12: "em1 taskq" only at startup (8.1-R
o kern/154600  net        [tcp] [panic] Random kernel panics on tcp_output
o kern/154557  net        [tcp] Freeze tcp-session of the clients, if in the gat
o kern/154443  net        [if_bridge] Kernel module bridgestp.ko missing after u
o kern/154286  net        [netgraph] [panic] 8.2-PRERELEASE panic in netgraph
o kern/154255  net        [nfs] NFS not responding
o kern/154214  net        [stf] [panic] Panic when creating stf interface
o kern/154185  net        race condition in mb_dupcl
p kern/154169  net        [multicast] [ip6] Node Information Query multicast add
o kern/154134  net        [ip6] stuck kernel state in LISTEN on ipv6 daemon whic
o kern/154091  net        [netgraph] [panic] netgraph, unaligned mbuf?
o conf/154062  net        [vlan] [patch] change to way of auto-generatation of v
o kern/153937  net        [ral] ralink panics the system (amd64 freeBSDD 8.X) wh
o kern/153936  net        [ixgbe] [patch] MPRC workaround incorrectly applied to
o kern/153816  net        [ixgbe] ixgbe doesn't work properly with the Intel 10g
o kern/153772  net        [ixgbe] [patch] sysctls reference wrong XON/XOFF varia
o kern/153497  net        [netgraph] netgraph panic due to race conditions
o kern/153454  net        [patch] [wlan] [urtw] Support ad-hoc and hostap modes 
o kern/153308  net        [em] em interface use 100% cpu
o kern/153244  net        [em] em(4) fails to send UDP to port 0xffff
o kern/152893  net        [netgraph] [panic] 8.2-PRERELEASE panic in netgraph
o kern/152853  net        [em] tftpd (and likely other udp traffic) fails over e
o kern/152828  net        [em] poor performance on 8.1, 8.2-PRE
o kern/152569  net        [net]: Multiple ppp connections and routing table prob
o kern/152235  net        [arp] Permanent local ARP entries are not properly upd
o kern/152141  net        [vlan] [patch] encapsulate vlan in ng_ether before out
o kern/152036  net        [libc] getifaddrs(3) returns truncated sockaddrs for n
o kern/151690  net        [ep] network connectivity won't work until dhclient is
o kern/151681  net        [nfs] NFS mount via IPv6 leads to hang on client with 
o kern/151593  net        [igb] [panic] Kernel panic when bringing up igb networ
o kern/150920  net        [ixgbe][igb] Panic when packets are dropped with heade
o kern/150557  net        [igb] igb0: Watchdog timeout -- resetting
o kern/150251  net        [patch] [ixgbe] Late cable insertion broken
o kern/150249  net        [ixgbe] Media type detection broken
o bin/150224   net        ppp(8) does not reassign static IP after kill -KILL co
f kern/149969  net        [wlan] [ral] ralink rt2661 fails to maintain connectio
o kern/149643  net        [rum] device not sending proper beacon frames in ap mo
o kern/149609  net        [panic] reboot after adding second default route
o kern/149117  net        [inet] [patch] in_pcbbind: redundant test
o kern/149086  net        [multicast] Generic multicast join failure in 8.1
o kern/148018  net        [flowtable] flowtable crashes on ia64
o kern/147912  net        [boot] FreeBSD 8 Beta won't boot on Thinkpad i1300  11
o kern/147894  net        [ipsec] IPv6-in-IPv4 does not work inside an ESP-only 
o kern/147155  net        [ip6] setfb not work with ipv6
o kern/146845  net        [libc] close(2) returns error 54 (connection reset by 
f kern/146792  net        [flowtable] flowcleaner 100% cpu's core load
o kern/146719  net        [pf] [panic] PF or dumynet kernel panic
o kern/146534  net        [icmp6] wrong source address in echo reply
o kern/146427  net        [mwl] Additional virtual access points don't work on m
f kern/146394  net        [vlan] IP source address for outgoing connections
o bin/146377   net        [ppp] [tun] Interface doesn't clear addresses when PPP
o kern/146358  net        [vlan] wrong destination MAC address
o kern/146165  net        [wlan] [panic] Setting bssid in adhoc mode causes pani
o kern/146082  net        [ng_l2tp] a false invaliant check was performed in ng_
o kern/146037  net        [panic] mpd + CoA = kernel panic
o kern/145825  net        [panic] panic: soabort: so_count
o kern/145728  net        [lagg] Stops working lagg between two servers.
p kern/145600  net        TCP/ECN behaves different to CE/CWR than ns2 reference
f kern/144917  net        [flowtable] [panic] flowtable crashes system [regressi
o kern/144882  net        MacBookPro =>4.1 does not connect to BSD in hostap wit
o kern/144874  net        [if_bridge] [patch] if_bridge frees mbuf after pfil ho
o conf/144700  net        [rc.d] async dhclient breaks stuff for too many people
o kern/144616  net        [nat] [panic] ip_nat panic FreeBSD 7.2
f kern/144315  net        [ipfw] [panic] freebsd 8-stable reboot after add ipfw 
o kern/144231  net        bind/connect/sendto too strict about sockaddr length
o kern/143846  net        [gif] bringing gif3 tunnel down causes gif0 tunnel to 
s kern/143673  net        [stf] [request] there should be a way to support multi
s kern/143666  net        [ip6] [request] PMTU black hole detection not implemen
o kern/143622  net        [pfil] [patch] unlock pfil lock while calling firewall
o kern/143593  net        [ipsec] When using IPSec, tcpdump doesn't show outgoin
o kern/143591  net        [ral] RT2561C-based DLink card (DWL-510) fails to work
o kern/143208  net        [ipsec] [gif] IPSec over gif interface not working
o kern/143034  net        [panic] system reboots itself in tcp code [regression]
o kern/142877  net        [hang] network-related repeatable 8.0-STABLE hard hang
o kern/142774  net        Problem with outgoing connections on interface with mu
o kern/142772  net        [libc] lla_lookup: new lle malloc failed
f kern/142518  net        [em] [lagg] Problem on 8.0-STABLE with em and lagg
o kern/142018  net        [iwi] [patch] Possibly wrong interpretation of beacon-
o kern/141861  net        [wi] data garbled with WEP and wi(4) with Prism 2.5
f kern/141741  net        Etherlink III NIC won't work after upgrade to FBSD 8, 
o kern/140742  net        rum(4) Two asus-WL167G adapters cannot talk to each ot
o kern/140682  net        [netgraph] [panic] random panic in netgraph
f kern/140634  net        [vlan] destroying if_lagg interface with if_vlan membe
o kern/140619  net        [ifnet] [patch] refine obsolete if_var.h comments desc
o kern/140346  net        [wlan] High bandwidth use causes loss of wlan connecti
o kern/140142  net        [ip6] [panic] FreeBSD 7.2-amd64 panic w/IPv6
o kern/140066  net        [bwi] install report for 8.0 RC 2 (multiple problems)
o kern/139387  net        [ipsec] Wrong lenth of PF_KEY messages in promiscuous 
o bin/139346   net        [patch] arp(8) add option to remove static entries lis
o kern/139268  net        [if_bridge] [patch] allow if_bridge to forward just VL
p kern/139204  net        [arp] DHCP server replies rejected, ARP entry lost bef
o kern/139117  net        [lagg] + wlan boot timing (EBUSY)
o kern/138850  net        [dummynet] dummynet doesn't work correctly on a bridge
o kern/138782  net        [panic] sbflush_internal: cc 0 || mb 0xffffff004127b00
o kern/138688  net        [rum] possibly broken on 8 Beta 4 amd64: able to wpa a
o kern/138678  net        [lo] FreeBSD does not assign linklocal address to loop
o kern/138407  net        [gre] gre(4) interface does not come up after reboot
o kern/138332  net        [tun] [lor] ifconfig tun0 destroy causes LOR if_adata/
o kern/138266  net        [panic] kernel panic when udp benchmark test used as r
f kern/138029  net        [bpf] [panic] periodically kernel panic and reboot
o kern/137881  net        [netgraph] [panic] ng_pppoe fatal trap 12
p bin/137841   net        [patch] wpa_supplicant(8) cannot verify SHA256 signed 
p kern/137776  net        [rum] panic in rum(4) driver on 8.0-BETA2
o bin/137641   net        ifconfig(8): various problems with "vlan_device.vlan_i
o kern/137392  net        [ip] [panic] crash in ip_nat.c line 2577
o kern/137372  net        [ral] FreeBSD doesn't support wireless interface from 
o kern/137089  net        [lagg] lagg falsely triggers IPv6 duplicate address de
o kern/136911  net        [netgraph] [panic] system panic on kldload ng_bpf.ko t
o kern/136618  net        [pf][stf] panic on cloning interface without unit numb
o kern/135502  net        [periodic] Warning message raised by rtfree function i
o kern/134583  net        [hang] Machine with jail freezes after random amount o
o kern/134531  net        [route] [panic] kernel crash related to routes/zebra
o kern/134157  net        [dummynet] dummynet loads cpu for 100% and make a syst
o kern/133969  net        [dummynet] [panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in 
o kern/133968  net        [dummynet] [panic] dummynet kernel panic
o kern/133736  net        [udp] ip_id not protected ...
o kern/133595  net        [panic] Kernel Panic at pcpu.h:195
o kern/133572  net        [ppp] [hang] incoming PPTP connection hangs the system
o kern/133490  net        [bpf] [panic] 'kmem_map too small' panic on Dell r900 
o kern/133235  net        [netinet] [patch] Process SIOCDLIFADDR command incorre
f kern/133213  net        arp and sshd errors on 7.1-PRERELEASE
o kern/133060  net        [ipsec] [pfsync] [panic] Kernel panic with ipsec + pfs
o kern/132889  net        [ndis] [panic] NDIS kernel crash on load BCM4321 AGN d
o conf/132851  net        [patch] rc.conf(5): allow to setfib(1) for service run
o kern/132734  net        [ifmib] [panic] panic in net/if_mib.c
o kern/132705  net        [libwrap] [patch] libwrap - infinite loop if hosts.all
o kern/132672  net        [ndis] [panic] ndis with rt2860.sys causes kernel pani
o kern/132354  net        [nat] Getting some packages to ipnat(8) causes crash
o kern/132277  net        [crypto] [ipsec] poor performance using cryptodevice f
o kern/131781  net        [ndis] ndis keeps dropping the link
o kern/131776  net        [wi] driver fails to init
o kern/131753  net        [altq] [panic] kernel panic in hfsc_dequeue
o bin/131365   net        route(8): route add changes interpretation of network 
f kern/130820  net        [ndis] wpa_supplicant(8) returns 'no space on device'
o kern/130628  net        [nfs] NFS / rpc.lockd deadlock on 7.1-R
o kern/130525  net        [ndis] [panic] 64 bit ar5008 ndisgen-erated driver cau
o kern/130311  net        [wlan_xauth] [panic] hostapd restart causing kernel pa
o kern/130109  net        [ipfw] Can not set fib for packets originated from loc
f kern/130059  net        [panic] Leaking 50k mbufs/hour
f kern/129719  net        [nfs] [panic] Panic during shutdown, tcp_ctloutput: in
o kern/129517  net        [ipsec] [panic] double fault / stack overflow
f kern/129508  net        [carp] [panic] Kernel panic with EtherIP (may be relat
o kern/129219  net        [ppp] Kernel panic when using kernel mode ppp
o kern/129197  net        [panic] 7.0 IP stack related panic
o bin/128954   net        ifconfig(8) deletes valid routes
o bin/128602   net        [an] wpa_supplicant(8) crashes with an(4)
o kern/128448  net        [nfs] 6.4-RC1 Boot Fails if NFS Hostname cannot be res
o bin/128295   net        [patch] ifconfig(8) does not print TOE4 or TOE6 capabi
o bin/128001   net        wpa_supplicant(8), wlan(4), and wi(4) issues
o kern/127826  net        [iwi] iwi0 driver has reduced performance and connecti
o kern/127815  net        [gif] [patch] if_gif does not set vlan attributes from
o kern/127724  net        [rtalloc] rtfree: 0xc5a8f870 has 1 refs
f bin/127719   net        [arp] arp: Segmentation fault (core dumped)
f kern/127528  net        [icmp]: icmp socket receives icmp replies not owned by
p kern/127360  net        [socket] TOE socket options missing from sosetopt()
o bin/127192   net        routed(8) removes the secondary alias IP of interface 
f kern/127145  net        [wi]: prism (wi) driver crash at bigger traffic
o kern/126895  net        [patch] [ral] Add antenna selection (marked as TBD)
o kern/126874  net        [vlan]: Zebra problem if ifconfig vlanX destroy
o kern/126695  net        rtfree messages and network disruption upon use of if_
o kern/126339  net        [ipw] ipw driver drops the connection
o kern/126075  net        [inet] [patch] internet control accesses beyond end of
o bin/125922   net        [patch] Deadlock in arp(8)
o kern/125920  net        [arp] Kernel Routing Table loses Ethernet Link status 
o kern/125845  net        [netinet] [patch] tcp_lro_rx() should make use of hard
o kern/125258  net        [socket] socket's SO_REUSEADDR option does not work
o kern/125239  net        [gre] kernel crash when using gre
o kern/124341  net        [ral] promiscuous mode for wireless device ral0 looses
o kern/124225  net        [ndis] [patch] ndis network driver sometimes loses net
o kern/124160  net        [libc] connect(2) function loops indefinitely
o kern/124021  net        [ip6] [panic] page fault in nd6_output()
o kern/123968  net        [rum] [panic] rum driver causes kernel panic with WPA.
o kern/123892  net        [tap] [patch] No buffer space available
o kern/123890  net        [ppp] [panic] crash & reboot on work with PPP low-spee
o kern/123858  net        [stf] [patch] stf not usable behind a NAT
o kern/123758  net        [panic] panic while restarting net/freenet6
o bin/123633   net        ifconfig(8) doesn't set inet and ether address in one 
o kern/123559  net        [iwi] iwi periodically disassociates/associates [regre
o bin/123465   net        [ip6] route(8): route add -inet6 <ipv6_addr> -interfac
o kern/123463  net        [ipsec] [panic] repeatable crash related to ipsec-tool
o conf/123330  net        [nsswitch.conf] Enabling samba wins in nsswitch.conf c
o kern/123160  net        [ip] Panic and reboot at sysctl kern.polling.enable=0
o kern/122989  net        [swi] [panic] 6.3 kernel panic in swi1: net
o kern/122954  net        [lagg] IPv6 EUI64 incorrectly chosen for lagg devices
f kern/122780  net        [lagg] tcpdump on lagg interface during high pps wedge
o kern/122685  net        It is not visible passing packets in tcpdump(1)
o kern/122319  net        [wi] imposible to enable ad-hoc demo mode with Orinoco
o kern/122290  net        [netgraph] [panic] Netgraph related "kmem_map too smal
o kern/122252  net        [ipmi] [bge] IPMI problem with BCM5704 (does not work 
o kern/122033  net        [ral] [lor] Lock order reversal in ral0 at bootup ieee
o bin/121895   net        [patch] rtsol(8)/rtsold(8) doesn't handle managed netw
s kern/121774  net        [swi] [panic] 6.3 kernel panic in swi1: net
o kern/121555  net        [panic] Fatal trap 12: current process = 12 (swi1: net
o kern/121534  net        [ipl] [nat] FreeBSD Release 6.3 Kernel Trap 12:
o kern/121443  net        [gif] [lor] icmp6_input/nd6_lookup
o kern/121437  net        [vlan] Routing to layer-2 address does not work on VLA
o bin/121359   net        [patch] [security] ppp(8): fix local stack overflow in
o kern/121257  net        [tcp] TSO + natd  -> slow outgoing tcp traffic
o kern/121181  net        [panic] Fatal trap 3: breakpoint instruction fault whi
o kern/120966  net        [rum] kernel panic with if_rum and WPA encryption
o kern/120566  net        [request]: ifconfig(8) make order of arguments more fr
o kern/120304  net        [netgraph] [patch] netgraph source assumes 32-bit time
o kern/120266  net        [udp] [panic] gnugk causes kernel panic when closing U
o bin/120060   net        routed(8) deletes link-level routes in the presence of
o kern/119945  net        [rum] [panic] rum device in hostap mode, cause kernel 
o kern/119791  net        [nfs] UDP NFS mount of aliased IP addresses from a Sol
o kern/119617  net        [nfs] nfs error on wpa network when reseting/shutdown
f kern/119516  net        [ip6] [panic] _mtx_lock_sleep: recursed on non-recursi
o kern/119432  net        [arp] route add -host <host> -iface <nic> causes arp e
o kern/119225  net        [wi] 7.0-RC1 no carrier with Prism 2.5 wifi card [regr
o kern/118727  net        [netgraph] [patch] [request] add new ng_pf module
o kern/117423  net        [vlan] Duplicate IP on different interfaces
o bin/117339   net        [patch] route(8): loading routing management commands 
o bin/116643   net        [patch] [request] fstat(1): add INET/INET6 socket deta
o kern/116185  net        [iwi] if_iwi driver leads system to reboot
o kern/115239  net        [ipnat] panic with 'kmem_map too small' using ipnat
o kern/115019  net        [netgraph] ng_ether upper hook packet flow stops on ad
o kern/115002  net        [wi] if_wi timeout. failed allocation (busy bit). ifco
o kern/114915  net        [patch] [pcn] pcn (sys/pci/if_pcn.c) ethernet driver f
o kern/113432  net        [ucom] WARNING: attempt to net_add_domain(netgraph) af
o kern/112722  net        [ipsec] [udp] IP v4 udp fragmented packet reject
o kern/112686  net        [patm] patm driver freezes System (FreeBSD 6.2-p4) i38
o bin/112557   net        [patch] ppp(8) lock file should not use symlink name
o kern/112528  net        [nfs] NFS over TCP under load hangs with "impossible p
o kern/111537  net        [inet6] [patch] ip6_input() treats mbuf cluster wrong
o kern/111457  net        [ral] ral(4) freeze
o kern/110284  net        [if_ethersubr] Invalid Assumption in SIOCSIFADDR in et
o kern/110249  net        [kernel] [regression] [patch] setsockopt() error regre
o kern/109470  net        [wi] Orinoco Classic Gold PC Card Can't Channel Hop
o bin/108895   net        pppd(8): PPPoE dead connections on 6.2 [regression]
f kern/108197  net        [panic] [gif] [ip6] if_delmulti reference counting pan
o kern/107944  net        [wi] [patch] Forget to unlock mutex-locks
o conf/107035  net        [patch] bridge(8): bridge interface given in rc.conf n
o kern/106444  net        [netgraph] [panic] Kernel Panic on Binding to an ip to
o kern/106316  net        [dummynet] dummynet with multipass ipfw drops packets 
o kern/105945  net        Address can disappear from network interface
s kern/105943  net        Network stack may modify read-only mbuf chain copies
o bin/105925   net        problems with ifconfig(8) and vlan(4) [regression]
o kern/104851  net        [inet6] [patch] On link routes not configured when usi
o kern/104751  net        [netgraph] kernel panic, when getting info about my tr
o kern/104738  net        [inet] [patch] Reentrant problem with inet_ntoa in the
o kern/103191  net        Unpredictable reboot
o kern/103135  net        [ipsec] ipsec with ipfw divert (not NAT) encodes a pac
o kern/102540  net        [netgraph] [patch] supporting vlan(4) by ng_fec(4)
o conf/102502  net        [netgraph] [patch] ifconfig name does't rename netgrap
o kern/102035  net        [plip] plip networking disables parallel port printing
o kern/100709  net        [libc] getaddrinfo(3) should return TTL info
o kern/100519  net        [netisr] suggestion to fix suboptimal network polling
o kern/98597   net        [inet6] Bug in FreeBSD 6.1 IPv6 link-local DAD procedu
o bin/98218    net        wpa_supplicant(8) blacklist not working
o kern/97306   net        [netgraph] NG_L2TP locks after connection with failed 
o conf/97014   net        [gif] gifconfig_gif? in rc.conf does not recognize IPv
f kern/96268   net        [socket] TCP socket performance drops by 3000% if pack
o kern/95519   net        [ral] ral0 could not map mbuf
o kern/95288   net        [pppd] [tty] [panic] if_ppp panic in sys/kern/tty_subr
o kern/95277   net        [netinet] [patch] IP Encapsulation mask_match() return
o kern/95267   net        packet drops periodically appear
f kern/93378   net        [tcp] Slow data transfer in Postfix and Cyrus IMAP (wo
o kern/93019   net        [ppp] ppp and tunX problems: no traffic after restarti
o kern/92880   net        [libc] [patch] almost rewritten inet_network(3) functi
s kern/92279   net        [dc] Core faults everytime I reboot, possible NIC issu
o kern/91859   net        [ndis] if_ndis does not work with Asus WL-138
o kern/91364   net        [ral] [wep] WF-511 RT2500 Card PCI and WEP
o kern/91311   net        [aue] aue interface hanging
o kern/87421   net        [netgraph] [panic]: ng_ether + ng_eiface + if_bridge
o kern/86871   net        [tcp] [patch] allocation logic for PCBs in TIME_WAIT s
o kern/86427   net        [lor] Deadlock with FASTIPSEC and nat
o kern/85780   net        'panic: bogus refcnt 0' in routing/ipv6
o bin/85445    net        ifconfig(8): deprecated keyword to ifconfig inoperativ
o bin/82975    net        route change does not parse classfull network as given
o kern/82881   net        [netgraph] [panic] ng_fec(4) causes kernel panic after
o kern/82468   net        Using 64MB tcp send/recv buffers, trafficflow stops, i
o bin/82185    net        [patch] ndp(8) can delete the incorrect entry
o kern/81095   net        IPsec connection stops working if associated network i
o kern/78968   net        FreeBSD freezes on mbufs exhaustion (network interface
o kern/78090   net        [ipf] ipf filtering on bridged packets doesn't work if
o kern/77341   net        [ip6] problems with IPV6 implementation
o kern/75873   net        Usability problem with non-RFC-compliant IP spoof prot
s kern/75407   net        [an] an(4): no carrier after short time
a kern/71474   net        [route] route lookup does not skip interfaces marked d
o kern/71469   net        default route to internet magically disappears with mu
o kern/68889   net        [panic] m_copym, length > size of mbuf chain
o kern/66225   net        [netgraph] [patch] extend ng_eiface(4) control message
o kern/65616   net        IPSEC can't detunnel GRE packets after real ESP encryp
s kern/60293   net        [patch] FreeBSD arp poison patch
a kern/56233   net        IPsec tunnel (ESP) over IPv6: MTU computation is wrong
s bin/41647    net        ifconfig(8) doesn't accept lladdr along with inet addr
o kern/39937   net        ipstealth issue
a kern/38554   net        [patch] changing interface ipaddress doesn't seem to w
o kern/31940   net        ip queue length too short for >500kpps
o kern/31647   net        [libc] socket calls can return undocumented EINVAL
o kern/30186   net        [libc] getaddrinfo(3) does not handle incorrect servna
f kern/24959   net        [patch] proper TCP_NOPUSH/TCP_CORK compatibility
o conf/23063   net        [arp] [patch] for static ARP tables in
o kern/21998   net        [socket] [patch] ident only for outgoing connections
o kern/5877    net        [socket] sb_cc counts control data as well as data dat

475 problems total.

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