[PATCH] stf(4) 6rd implementation

Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 12 08:04:02 UTC 2013

Ermal Luçi <eri at freebsd.org> wrote
  in <CAPBZQG3rn-wEH-ckA-QXF+-3LyJM9s6NzrSkz5CxNG5LZTyWjw at mail.gmail.com>:

er> Hello,
er> at location [1] can be found a patch for making stf(4) understand 6rd.
er> It supports variable masks for the ipv4 network as well.
er> The patch has been tested on pfSense.
er> It adds to new option to ifconfig for defining the 6rd border router at ISP.
er> ifconfig $stf stfv4net $ipv4network/$mask
er> ifconfig $stf stfv4br $6rdv4gwip
er> Any reasons for not pushing this change into FreeBSD?

 I am feeling guilty about not committing the original patch and RFC
 5969 part for a long time.  I still have uncommitted code for them
 (similar but some reported security and performance issues and corner
 cases addressed), I hope if you do not mind my working on it.  I will
 finish it this month.

-- Hiroki
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