Recommendations for 10gbps NIC

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> BC> I don't really understand why nearly all 10GBE cards are dual-port.
> BC> Surely there is a market for NICs between 1 gigabit and 20 gigabit.
> Myricom has single port 10G cards. However, I only use them on Linux and
> cannot comment on FreeBSD usage here.

I'm not sure if they are the current generation, but I did substantial
testing on 10G Myricom cards of the day about 3 years ago. We selected them
for our project, although their performance was very similar to that of the
Chelsio. I did experience some issues of the Myicoms interoperating with
Neterion, though I am not absolutely sure whose problem it was. We were
looking for bulk data transfer, so I did no testing of small packets. Just
1500 and 9000.

In any case, they worked quite well in our application with FreeBSD 8. In
the past year the project moved to Linux due to a desire to standardize all
systems to a common OS, but they ran reliably and at full line rate with
jumbo frames over links that ran from California to Europe and Australia.
(Yes, careful tuning was required.)
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