LACP LAGG device problems

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Sun Jul 21 16:23:49 UTC 2013

I wasn't referring to science projects. Nor did I say it wasn't useful.
Only that 10g is cheap now and quite a bit better. LAGG isn't perfect.

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I'm pushing 20GE out using lagg right now (and fixing the er, amusing
behaviour of doing so.) I'm aiming to hit 40 once I get hardware that
doesn't get upset pushing that many bits. The netops people at ${JOB}
also point out that even today switches occasionally get confused and
"crash" a switchport. Ew.

So yes, there are people using lagg, both for failover and throughput reasons.

I'm working on debugging/statistics right now as part of general "why
are things behaving crappy" debugging. I'll see about improving some
of the peer reporting at the same time.


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>  Hi! Can anybody tell me, is there any plans to improve
>  LAGG(802.3ad)
>  device driver in FreeBSD?
>  It will be greate to have a possibility to set LACP mode
>  (active/passive)
>  and system priority.
>  Also there is no way to set hashing algorithm and master
>  interface
>  (port).
>  And we can't see any information about our neighbor.
>  The same function in Linux is named Bonding and it is much
>  more better.
>  I realy can donate some money to those who can make this
>  improvements.
>  Best regards.
>  >
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> Why are you using LAGG when 10g cards are like $350? It's not
> a peering protocol nor it is PTP; can you see your "peer" info on
> an ethernet?
> Bonding is a late 90s concept designed to connect 2 slow links to
> get higher speeds, back in the day when 100Mb/s was ambitious.
> The point of LAGG is that it's transparent; you can load balance
> traffic to multiple hosts or create a redundant link without having
> to have equipment running some special applications, or any special
> logic above the LAGG device.
> Describing how you are using LAGG (and why) might be better
> than just asking for "improvements".
> BC
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