LACP LAGG device problems

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Sun Jul 21 14:59:44 UTC 2013

I'm using LACP becasue:
1. 10G cards are much more expensive than 350$. They cost nearly
2. I don't have switches with 10G interfaces. They are also very

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Subject: LACP LAGG device problems
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Hi! Can anybody tell me, is there any plans to improve
device driver in FreeBSD?
It will be greate to have a possibility to set LACP mode
and system priority.
Also there is no way to set hashing algorithm and master
And we can't see any information about our neighbor.
The same function in Linux is named Bonding and it is much
more better.
I realy can donate some money to those who can make this
Best regards.


Why are you using LAGG when 10g cards are like $350? It's not
a peering protocol nor it is PTP; can you see your "peer" info on
an ethernet?

Bonding is a late 90s concept designed to connect 2 slow links to
get higher speeds, back in the day when 100Mb/s was ambitious.
The point of LAGG is that it's transparent; you can load balance
traffic to multiple hosts or create a redundant link without having
to have equipment running some special applications, or any special
logic above the LAGG device.

Describing how you are using LAGG (and why) might be better 
than just asking for "improvements".


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