IPv6 NDP, static subnet entries

Georg Bege therion at ninth-art.de
Wed Jul 17 12:35:48 UTC 2013

Hello FreeBSD users

Im in need of proxying an NDP entry,
due my bad provider using IPv6 bridging.
My entire subnet is not routed correctly, however I managed to get it
working with ndp -s <IPv6> <local ether> proxy - sadly this doesnt work
for an whole subnet but for a single IP.

I need exacly this for an whole subnet, is it possible?
Im using FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p4 - I did crawl thru google a lil' bit
also found some older entries where people did had the same kind of
Of course people telling me, change provider and so on - but for this
server it is not possible at the moment.

Georg Bege <therion at ninth-art.de>

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