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 Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 1:10 AM
 On 15.07.2013 22:04, Barney Cordoba
 > Also, IP fragmentation and TCP segments are not the
 same thing. TCP
 > segments regularly will come in out of order, NFS is
 too stupid to do
 > things correctly; IP fragmentation should not be done
 unless necessary
 > to accommodate a smaller mtu.
 The PR is about NFS over UDP, not TCP.


Ok, so is there evidence that it's UDP and not an IP fragmenting problem?

Out of Order UDP is the same issue; its common for packets to traverse
different paths through the internet in the same connection, so OOO packets
are normal.

IP fragmentation is rare, except for NFS. A lot of ISPs will block fragmentation
because it's difficult to shape or filter fragments; they're often used to defeat
simple firewalls and filters.  


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