sis(4) flow control

Andreas Longwitz longwitz at
Wed Jul 10 22:18:29 UTC 2013

Yonghyeon PYUN wrote:

> Hmm, does the change really make flow-control work?
> I believe flow-control should be negotiated with remote link
> partner so you have to announce flow-control capability to link
> partner. In addition, it seems DP83815/DP83816 does not support
> TX flow-control so it just honors RX pause frames.

Excuse me, the comment in my patch was wrong. Better would be
     /* Enable reception of 802.3x pause frames. */.
My soekris boxes are connected to a slow so called "Ethernet Connect"
line (2 Mbit/s). The line works correct and stable if I respect incoming
RX pause frames from the line. I do not need TX flow-control.

> Try attached patch and let me know how it works.

Thanks for your patch. I will test it on next update of my soekris boxes
with sis interfaces. Because they are all remote far away this will need
some time.

Andreas Longwitz

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