IPv6 Multicast Routing problem

Reza Abraham rhezcool at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 1 12:21:55 UTC 2013


I need some help, I had working multicast IPv6 routing using freebsd 8.3  but when i try to test it I failed. my topology is like this with freebsd as router and xp as server and client :


this is my step to make the multicast routing:

	1. i had re-compile my kernel with optionsMROUTING.
	2. i install the mcast-toolpackage.
	3. i configure IPv6 static routing in rc.conf
	4. i also configure this in rc.conf
	* mroute6d_enable="YES"
	* mroute6d_program="/usr/local/sbin/pim6sd
i confused where can i find pim6sd.conf, so i just copied pim6sd.conf.example and rename it then i edit it, do i right?
this my pim6sd.conf configuration on FBSD1:

phyint em0:
phyint em1;
phyint em2;
static rp ff0e::123/128 2001:abcd:20::1;

address 2001:abcd:20::1 is interface em0 on FBSD1 and its linked with interface em0 on FBSD2.
the configuration for FBSD2 is similiar to FBSD1.
i do streaming with vlc to test the connection but failed.
i also set ttl >1 but still failed.

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