Duplicate Address Detection misfire?

Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jul 1 00:19:14 UTC 2013

Zaphod Beeblebrox <zbeeble at gmail.com> wrote
  in <CACpH0McSM7HDeJcQ1pLcXuEZ96n=15YmCaP4YheZghBbyEgfUw at mail.gmail.com>:

zb> I have a FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE vmware guest running. It is using the
zb> "bridged" type of networking with VMWare.  It gets it's IPv4 address from
zb> DHCP (successfully) and then fails to initialize IPv6.  The relevant
zb> rc.conf is:
zb> ipv6_activate_all_interfaces="YES"
zb> ifconfig_em0_ipv6="inet6 accept_rtadv"
zb> ip6addrctl_verbose="YES"
zb> The console output says:
zb> em0: DAD detected duplicate IPv6 address fe80:2::20c:29ff:fe0a:3989: NS
zb> in/out=2/1, NA in=0
zb> em0: DAD complete for fe80:2::20c:29ff:fe0a:3989 - duplicate found
zb> em0: manual intervention required
zb> em0: possible hardware address duplication deteted, disable IPv6
zb> And subsequently, em0's nd6 has "IFDISABLED" in it.
zb> With wireshark, I see two ICMPv6 neighbor solicitations that are identical
zb> --- is this the problem?
zb> How do I fix this?

 Does your host environment have the same address on the bridged

-- Hiroki
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