Hi John

geetika geetika at sm3.virtual.vps-host.net
Fri Apr 24 01:10:21 UTC 2009

     Hi John,
        Just wanted you to know that yesterday I joined  Socialmoto.
   Actually I keep on travelling and thus like making friends from
   different places so that i can know more about places and I can feel
   comfortable on unknown places because of known friends, but it gonna
   be with some gud people, my friend she gave me your email id .John you
   gottaa join me now and come online , I am online during office
   hours,and i have lots of spare time nowadays, kidding hehe :) .
   To join simply come here.

      When you come here ping me, i will be online if by any sence i am
   not there.



    I have attached my details .
     My profile: 
     My album:
     My group:


   Visible links
   1. http://www.socialmoto.com/signup.php?inviteby=geetikai
   2. http://www.socialmoto.com/geetikai
   3. http://www.socialmoto.com/album.php?user=geetikai&album_id=2889
   4. http://www.socialmoto.com/group.php?group_id=829

   Hidden links:
   5. http://www.socialmoto.com/sowmyas
   6. http://www.socialmoto.com/group.php?group_id=520

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