IFF_NEEDSGIANT now gone from 8.x (was: svn commit: r191253 - head/sys/net (fwd))

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Mon Apr 20 12:33:47 UTC 2009

Robert Watson wrote:
> Dear all:
> Just under four years ago, the non-MPSAFE network stack de-orbit burn
> schedule was announced, setting out a plan for eliminating remaining use
> of the Giant lock in the FreeBSD network stack.  With the attached
> commit, that plan is now complete, and almost all of the network stack
> neither requires Giant nor runs with it.  As always there are some loose
> ends, especially in IPv6, but with any luck those can be dealt with 8.0
> also.
> Special thanks are due to the people who worked on and shepherded the
> last steps of this process -- especially Hans Petter Selasky, Alfred
> Perlstein, Andrew Thompson, Ed Schouten, and John Baldwin, who
> collectively bought our USB, tty, and other non-MPSAFE device driver
> stacks into a post-SMPng world.

I'll drink to that :)

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