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Mon Apr 13 22:13:14 PDT 2009

sthaug at wrote:
>> I've poked about for weeks and asked similar questions in
>> -questions and elsewhere without avail. Probably using the wrong keys
>> to search and ask:
>> I have set up a box with various vlan interfaces on it. I naively
>> expected to be able to set individual "default" routes and route
>> between them via an *external* router (and filter packets there etc.)
>> but somehow all packets seem to "short-circuit" locally, and I don't
>> seem to be able to see why this is so and how I prevent that.

I think you are rather confused about what Multiple FIBs is..
All it is is teh  ability to make a packet use a particular
FIB on it's outgoing path. There is not such thing as an interface
being "In" a FIB. All interfaces are still visible to the routing code
by default, and The IP stack still knows about them.I think the IP
stack set's the 'loopback' flag on a packet regardless of the FIB
selected if teh dest is one of its own addresses.

What you want is VIMAGE.

> I found this behavior also, and it breaks POLA pretty badly.
> There are several problems with the multiple routing table support (via
> setfib) that I see:
> - I found I needed "options ROUTETABLES= ..." to have additional routing
> tables. I could not find this option documented anywhere.

in LINT where all such are documented.

> - The standard behavior when adding new routes (via ifconfig or route
> command) is that the route is added to all routing tables. Coming from
> a router/MPLS/L3VPN background, this is extremely counterintuitive. I
> found I needed to set the sysctl net.add_addr_allfibs to 0 to avoid
> this behavior.

the route is only added to all routing tables for NEIGHBOUR routes.
there is a sysctl to turn this off. By default all interfaces are
available no matter what FIB you are using

> - Having two routing tables (one default, one table number 1 via setfib)
> I also expected to be able to route between these via external router.

what do you mean by that. Routing tables are not a destination.
how can you 'ping' it? you cant route between tables. what does
that mean?

> Pinging from the default routing table to routing table 1, 

what are you talking about? It's a routing table not another machine
how can you ping it?

> traffic from
> the default routing table goes out to external router and in via other
> interface 
> (in routing table 1) 

??? routing tables are for OUTGOING packets.  incoming packets
don't use routing tables. If you want to assign a FIB to an incoming
packet for the purpose of controlling further routing, then there is a 
patch that will be applied to assign a FIB as the "default FIB for
packets received on an interface", but until that is applied
use ipfw or pf to apply it.

> - but the ping reply is returned via the
> loopback interface on the FreeBSD host, without going out to the router.
> I assume this is the "short-circuit" you're talking about, and I find
> this behavior also very counterintuitive.

I don't see what is so counterintuitive about it.. you sent the packet 
to your own machine.. all such packets are short circuited by the IP

> If I explicitly ping from routing table 1 with ping prefixed by setfib 1,
> everything works as expected (traffic both ways go via external router).

anyhow I hope to be able to address some of the issues you have 
raised. At least, to add more functionality.

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