natd interferes with incoming RTSP/RTP

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Sun Apr 12 12:25:41 PDT 2009

Paolo Pisati написав(ла):
> Mikhail T. wrote:
>> However, if I disable just one of the rules below -- 1300, the one
>> diverting all traffic to natd -- the video works fine... So it is not
>> any of the other rules, that are the problem, nor is it the remote
>> server... Why would this happen and how do I solve the problem? Thanks!
> comment all the entries in /etc/libalias.conf, restart or send an HUP
> to natd and see if it helps.
Great pointer! As a matter of fact, all I had to comment out was the

Now, what's wrong with it? Does not disabling this plugin mean, the
hosts on the LAN can't access RTSP streams? Thanks! Yours,


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