Advice on a multithreaded netisr patch?

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Tue Apr 7 15:00:22 PDT 2009

Barney Cordoba wrote:

> 1) Multiple TX queues are not supported. There's some hokey code to
> test, but it doesn't properly separate flows to the queues.
> 2) 2 Rx queues don't work, so only 1 and 4 work
> 3) With 4 queues, it just sucks up CPU under heavy load on 4 cpus. It will
> blow 4 cpus at a lower load than em will with 1
> 4) You'll need to fix DMA setup, as it sets the alignment requirement
> to PAGE_SIZE. I haven't been able to convince Jack that its wrong, not
> that I've tried very hard since its easy to just fix myself.

Reading this thread it looks like the development of both Intel drivers
is a bit stalled, doesn't it? AFAIK the em driver is also
semi-officially abandoned, and both from my experience and others it
looks like new development and patches are being rejected. Time to shop
other hardware?

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