if_gif/if_bridge problem

Boris Kochergin spawk at acm.poly.edu
Thu Sep 4 16:16:39 UTC 2008

Eugene Grosbein wrote:
>> Eugene, I take it the fix that applies on Boris's case is the
>> M_BCAST|M_MCAST setting on the mbuf? I would like to test/commit this.
> I see you have already got it :-)
>> Also, why to you add support for adding a bridge to a lagg interface?
> I needed to force lagg(4) to aggregate two EtherIP tunnels and now
> I have it working :-)
> Eugene
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Ahoy. I've been using the patch for a while, and, recently, when the 
load on the wireless network I needed it for has increased, I've started 
getting kernel panics that I think the patch is responsible for. The 
panics are usually foreshadowed by messages in the style of "Sep  3 
11:34:14 unique kernel: delayed m_pullup, m->len: 22  off: 38333  p: 97" 
in the kernel buffer. I like to think that I've eliminated the 
possibility of bad hardware by changing the motherboard, memory, and 
Ethernet controllers in the machine, and have tried both Eugene's 
original patchset and the one that was committed to 7-STABLE, with the 
same ill effects. Any ideas about what might be wrong, or shall I set 
about getting a backtrace? Thanks.


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