vge driver does not work on a VIA EPIA EN12000EG

Mam Ruoc mamruoc at
Sat Nov 29 05:43:05 PST 2008


Andrew Snow wrote:
> We have deployed many 7.0-STABLE  routers based on the EPIA EN12000E 
> motherboard, and found that vge works really well, never had any major 
> problems with it - don't touch it! :-)

Unsure if it's the EPIA EN12000E (not EPIA EN12000EG) or you're using 
STABLE, but I will try stable.

> I suspect the OP should try a newer version of FreeBSD than 7.0-RELEASE 
> which was so long ago.

You know where I can get hold of a more recent bootonly-7.0-STABLE iso?

I am reporting this bug because I use pfSense which has moved from 
FreeBSD 6.3 to 7.0 and that made my VIA useless. They said it was a 
FreeBSD problem and therefore I am here.


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