kern/129074: [ppp] [panic] kernel panic with pppoe_server

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Sat Nov 29 00:14:58 PST 2008

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kFo> Synopsis: [ppp] [panic] kernel panic with pppoe_server

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 set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command

 set log Phase LCP tun command
 set device PPPoE:rl0:ukrtelecom
# enable lqr
# enable dns
 disable ipv6cp
 set cd 10
 set dial
# set login
 set redial 0 0
 set reconnect random 999
 set mtu 1492
 set mru 1492
 set authname name
 set authkey password
# add! default HISADD

Kernel panic and server reboot if my ISP response:
ppp[348]: tun0: Phase: Pap Input: FAILURE (insufficient resources available to authenticate user)
ppp[348]: tun0: Phase: Pap Output: <name> ********
last message repeated 2 times
ppp[348]: tun0: Phase: Auth: No response from server

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