Problem with new source address selection (was Anyone interested in jail patches?)

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Thu Nov 27 06:55:08 PST 2008

On Thu, 27 Nov 2008, Frank Behrens wrote:

>> 2b) for RELENG_7:
> With this patch I received a new source selection implementation, I
> believe the same as announced for HEAD. Here I found a problem.

HEAD has had it since beginning of October and older jail patches
also had it for a while now.

> One of my machines tunnels a private subnet via IPSEC (esp/tunnel).
> Lets assume my private subnet is and the "foreign"
> subnet is When I send packets via this tunnel I
> must ensure the right source address, because the machine has several
> interfaces. (BTW: this is so easy with openvpn and real routing, but
> sometimes other people decide..) An easy solution was for me
> ifconfig lo2 inet
> route add -net -iface lo2
> The route is a "dummy" route only, because the IPSEC SPD determines
> the packet flow.

Yes I know that hack though I never actually used it with a loopback
as the loopback case is *uhm* gross. You know you are telling the
kernel to actually send the packets to yourself which so far has just
worked more or less out of luck in my eyes.

So is your on any other interface but the lo2?
Is it the only network on that interface or are there aliases?

> This worked well in the past, but not with your patch. On connect(2)
> call for the tunneled subnet I receive always "Network unreachable".
> The following _wild hack_(tm) solves the problem _for me_, it is only
> to show the problem to you:

>From the code down I take it that the connect(2) call happens outside
any jail and not within a jail, right?

> --- sys/netinet/in_pcb.c.orig   2008-11-27 14:57:25.887082927 +0100
> +++ sys/netinet/in_pcb.c        2008-11-27 14:29:28.918257601 +0100
> @@ -697,6 +697,9 @@ in_pcbladdr(struct inpcb *inp, struct in
>                        ia = ifatoia(ifa_ifwithnet(sintosa(&sain)));
>                if (cred == NULL || !jailed(cred)) {
> +// FB2008-11-27
> +                       ia = (struct in_ifaddr *)sro.ro_rt->rt_ifa;
> +// FB
>                        if (ia == NULL) {
>                                error = ENETUNREACH;
>                                goto done;
> Can you provide a patch to solve the connect problem?
> Is there a better solution to setup source address selection for
> IPSEC tunnels?

Let me answer those later; in case you cannot reveal your network
setup in public; contact me offlist.


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