asm multicast ping 6.3 vs 7.1

dikshie dikshie at
Thu Nov 20 04:56:29 PST 2008

i have strange situation here.
in my 6.3 box:
$ asmping ff38:20:2001:d30::
asmping joined (S,G) = (*,ff38:20:2001:d30::4321:1234)
pinging 2001:d30:111:2::4 from 2001:d30:101:1::10
 unicast from 2001:d30:111:2::4, seq=1 dist=2 time=329.990 ms
multicast from 2001:d30:111:2::4, seq=1 dist=2 time=334.344 ms
 unicast from 2001:d30:111:2::4, seq=2 dist=2 time=340.283 ms
multicast from 2001:d30:111:2::4, seq=2 dist=2 time=341.357 ms
 unicast from 2001:d30:111:2::4, seq=3 dist=2 time=347.617 ms
multicast from 2001:d30:111:2::4, seq=3 dist=2 time=347.627 ms
--- 2001:d30:111:2::4 statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, time 2726 ms
  3 packets received, 0% packet loss
  rtt min/avg/max/std-dev = 329.990/339.296/347.617/7.261 ms
  3 packets received, 0% packet loss since first mc packet (seq 1) recvd
  rtt min/avg/max/std-dev = 334.344/341.109/347.627/5.446 ms

in my 7.1 box:
$ asmping ff38:20:2001:d30::
Failed to join multicast group: Protocol not available

both boxes has same ipv4 subnet and same ipv6 link.
7.1 box has options MROUTING
6.3 box does not has options MROUTING

do i miss something here?

best regards,


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